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The Humanitarian Drone Aid initiative has been endorsed and actively supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kyiv, Kherson oblast, and Lviv local governments, the Nationale Police of Ukraine, and organized in partnership with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Endorsed by 

Make a impact today !

Every contribution counts and will make a difference in the lives of those affected. Join us today by donating and sharing this fundraiser with your friends, family, and communities.

Your money will be used to:​

  • Assemble and deploy a fleet of cargo drones

  • Run the operations on site

  • Train authorized Ukrainians to run operations within the country 

About Ascent Charity

Newly created, the mission of Ascent Charity is to provide humanitarian assistance and aid to vulnerable populations in times of crisis, poverty, economic collapse, and danger in order to meet their vital needs - nutrition and healthcare.

To help the U-AID initiative come through, Ascent Charity launched a fundraiser for all on, and welcome contributions (financial or in-kind) from companies via direct contact.

Help make a difference

U-AID (Ukraine Aid Initiative by Drones) has been created to bring immediate food and medication assistance for civilians in Ukraine where no one else can. One of the prime aims of U-AID is to deliver critical medical supplies such as drugs and blood to Ukrainian hospitals and locked locations where supply routes have been cut.

You can help us by making a donation that will be directed on financing the drones operations to deliver humanitarian aid acquired by the Ukrainian government.

They already invest in our initiative.

Our sponsors

They already support any activities related to the implementation and execution of the initiative.

Our Partners

Impact of one drone flight


Milk powder - Adult powder -

Dehydrated food packages - Energy biscuits - World Food Programme like food rations

 Feeds 50+ babies per day 

Milk powder for 4 servings/baby/day


Blood   -  Equipment - First-aid kits (gauze, cotton, syringes) -  Band aids   Medicines -  Afterburn Creams Anti-Inflammatories - Pain relievers 

 Saves 3+ lives 

Close to 7L of blood/drone

Hygiene and others

Water and food purifier tabs - Body powder - Wipes- Diapers  -  Batteries

Survival Blankets - Flashlights - Soaps

Toothbrushes/paste - Clothes

 Purifies 10,000L of water 

Carrying Aquatabs 8.68mg tubs

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are drones useful in such a crisis?

Yes, and more  than ever! They can go where no one else can! With roads and bridges destroyed, under threats of attacks or confiscation, and with high risk for human lives, a drone automated air logistics solution is a unique effective alternative. Also drones we operate are autonomous/unmanned, and operate 24/7.

As illustrations, 1 drone flight only can air carry enough milk powder to feed 50+ babies for a day, blood to save 3+ lives of severely injured people, and Aquatabs to purify 10,000 L of water

How do you mitigate the risk of drones being shot down or suffering an accident?

U-AID is set with preventive protocols such as: avoiding high risk areas, air drop with parachute when landing is not secured, transparent communication with all parties involved to reassure and protect flights (tracking, logs, communications, load pictures, etc.)

That said, operating in a crisis context means running the risk of losing assets. We sized our fleet accordingly up to 50 with 10 as backup assets.

Does such an operation and investment make sense for a short period of time?

U-AID is set up to operate during wartime and during the rebuilding period, which will, unfortunately, last for months.

At the term of this operation, Ascent Charity will offer its capabilities for use in other emergency relief crises such as conflicts, and natural disasters around the globe. We are already in discussion for projects in Africa.

We raise funds to carry urgent aid where no one else can, by drones.

 The first 3 drones will be on in operation in 2 weeks, as soon as we reach €300,000 of donations. 

Our goal is


Drones Deployed. 5 Bases


Aid Delivered / Day


Total Raise

The Initiative

Today, the delivery of humanitarian aid by land and helicopter to hospitals and other isolated Ukrainian locations is an urgent challenge.


To bring critical aid where it is needed with minimal security risk,  Ascent is assembling a coordinated cargo drones operation, U-AID,  capable of delivering essential goods and much needed medical supplies and equipment to targeted locations, such as obstructed locations, hospitals, humanitarian corridors, border checks and logistic hubs.

This initiative not only include immediate help in time of crisis but also post conflict rebuilding efforts. 

Our Fleet

Ascent Charity partners with best-in-class drones manufacturers and operators providing the highest level of safety and reliability.

We will start the operations with a fleet of 3 drones, with a range up to 300km and a maximum payload up to 10 kg. 

Our drones fly 24/7, autonomously, with remote pilot at base

Our launching partner is Aerial Metric, a leading provider of cargo-drones focusing on humanitarian missions.

More to come soon ...


Ascent will coordinate said effort with manufacturers, authorities, liaise with international organisations in charge of humanitarian support, lead the fundraise through Ascent Charity, and repurpose its platform for these operations. In the first phase of the initiative, the drones will take off from bases in neighboring countries. In a second phase, the already established and respected humanitarian corridors will be used to extend the reach-radius of deployed drones.


The first base and routes have been approved by the Ukrainian and the Polish authorities. We will set the first drone-base in the city of Zamosc in the east of Poland in a major logistic hub for essential goods for emergency situations.  Daily, we’ll move drones into Ukraine and fly to positions indicated by the Ukrainian authorities to deliver humanitarian goods. We will start serving the city of Lvyv in the west of Ukraine, and then expand further east to Kyiv and beyond as soon and as far as possible. 

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