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Your seamless journey to The Farm At San Benito

Your air travel bubble

Tailor your private journey to Banwa Private Island. 


Ascent proudly partners with Banwa Private Island, luxury private sanctuary, to provide a dedicated air mobility integrated solution for its exclusive guests. 

Ascent covers your entire journey, safely, seamlessly and privately, crafting a highly personalised travel bubble experience.


Committed to a zero-emission world, we makes every flight a carbon neutral one and catalyse the entry of all-electric aircraft.

Your dedicated fleet 

Plan your seamless journey thanks to our dedicated fleet composed of helicopters, seaplane, and jets. 

Ascent partners with best-in-class air operators to ensure the highest safety and operational standards. 

Aircraft are curated to offer comfort, speed and reduced carbon footprint in accordance to highest safety protocols such as enhanced aircraft cleaning and frequent health checks on crew.

You can now enquire your tailored air travel bubble to Banwa Private Island.

Experience peace of mind when getting to your favorite hideaway in an exclusive, convenient and safe environment. 

Make your reservation

You can now book your stay on Banwa on an individual villa basis, or as an exclusive island charter.

Sit back and relax, we take care of everything

We fly you to The Farm At San Benito as you desire.

From Manila or Clark, we will curate the best option of your choice allying preferred seaplane, helicopter, or jets, and when needed complemented by land and sea. 


We will be happy to help international guests arriving by jet for all passengers, pets and aircraft required arrangements. 


Guests arriving on airlines will be taking care from the aircraft to your sanctuary. 

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