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How Ascent works

Ascent connects passengers with our air mobility partners through proprietary technology, making a complex interaction a seamless journey. Availing of urban air mobility has never been easier - all you need is an email address and phone number to book, plan and manage your mobility journey with Ascent. Here is how Ascent works every step of the way:

Ascent is a technology enabled urban air mobility service

Step 1

Enter your destination into the "Where to?" box and the location you would like to fly from into the “Where from?” box in the search module and select your date of choice by clicking or tapping on "Search".

Step 2

Choose between our flight options

A list of available flights is provided based on flights that are "Ready to Fly" and "At your Time". "Ready To Fly" flights have no minimum number of passengers required and are available at set times. "At Your Time" flights require a minimum number of passengers. Just click or tap on "Book Now" to proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Input the relevant details

Once you initiate the booking process, you are required to enter relevant details as an individual or for the rest of the members included in the group booking. Please note that you need to be signed in to enter the booking process. Data collected by Ascent is secure and abides by the relevant data privacy laws as written in our privacy policy.

Step 4

Avail for additional services

Once you fill in all relevant details, you can choose from a list of available services including first and last-mile ground transport as well as luggage ground transport. This ensures your full mobility journey is seamless. All services can be purchased using Ascent credits.

Step 5

Your booking is confirmed

Once all other details are confirmed and the flight is paid for, your booking is instantaneously confirmed. All bookings should be made no earlier than 6 hours before the chosen flight time.

Step 6

Getting to your flight on time

If you have availed of our land transport arrangement for yourself or your bags, you are all set! Make sure you arrive minimally 15 minutes before the departure time. Dedicated lounges are available for you to rest, relax, work or meet before and after your flight.

Step 7

The helicopter picks you up

Just before the flight, you and your accompanying passengers will be led to the helipad by our team and guided to board the helicopter. The crew then starts the helicopter and takes off.

Step 8

The helicopter flies you to your destination

Once in the helicopter, just relax and enjoy a comfortable journey en-route to the next helipad. Should first and last mile service be availed of, a staff from Ascent will guide you to the car that will be waiting at the destination helipad. Should luggage transport be availed of, your luggage will be waiting for you at your designated end-destination.

Regain control of your time

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