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Air Medical Service

In partnership with nationwide leaders healthcare provider, such as The Medical City, best-in-class air operators, helipads and medical service partners, Ascent now provides planned pre-hospital and inter-facility movements of patients, passengers, critical personnel, organs and medical equipment.

Providing access to care for those in need

Medical Airport Transfers

Ensure a reliable and efficient medical care continuity for your patients with helicopter flights directly between the airport and your preferred medical facility. Ensure direct movements between helicopter and airplanes.

Inter-Hospital Transfers and Medical Flights

Increase access to medical support by flying patients and critical personnel between, from or to hospitals with aviation-ready clinical crew, equipment and partners.

Transport Organs and Medical Cargo

Increase treatment and operational efficiency by flying fragile and time-sensitive organs, medical supplies and cargo, on an agile fleet of aircraft.

Safety in the community is important to us at Ascent. To support you and those in need, easily and reliably address your air mobility needs with best-in-class crew and equipment.

Enabling healthcare providers efficient and reliable access to air mobility

Curated aviation-ready fleet, crew and equipment

Experience peace of mind with a medically equipped dedicated fleet and curated air operator partners. Safety is paramount in Ascent. Read more about our approach to ensuring safety and security here as well as our latest COVID-19 advice and protocol here.

Enhanced reliability and ease of access to air mobility

Remove barriers to medical services by passing on our on-demand service to patients, accessible digitally throughout the day and wherever Ascent is available. Arrange and coordinate air mobility for teams or patients using Ascent.

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