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About Us

Why Ascent from our founder

Read about our team’s commitment for a more connected and sustainable society, led through mobility, by air. ASCENT strives to make air mobility a scalable, sustainable and impactful solution, starting from Southeast Asia.

Covering your entire mobility journey

In addition to making your full urban mobility journey more seamless and convenient, we’re working tirelessly to scale urban air mobility with manufacturers, real estate developers, hospitality providers and regulators in order to deliver a hassle-free and more cost-efficient mobility experience.

Your safety is paramount

We are dedicated and committed to doing our part, with technology and top-in- class partners at the heart of our approach. From connecting flights instantaneously to curation of and rigorous audits on our air operating partners, Ascent helps to create a world where urban air mobility is safe, secure and easy.

ASCENT's Talents

From ideation to successful execution, it takes an extraordinary team to make this happen. ASCENT gathers diverse and passionate people, advisors and investors, to elevate mobility one flight at a time.

Read more about the team that is making ASCENT work across the globe.

Elevated sustainability

At Ascent, we do not only elevate mobility only but sustainability as well. We strongly believe a carbon neutral world shall be our reality, a future good for the environment and good for the people that can start now.

We are proud to reiterate our commitment to sustainable mobility under UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now initiative from the United Nations to achieve climate neutrality.

We connect people by unlocking and democratizing the urban air space

Mobility connects you between locations, opportunities and moments of human interaction. Ascent unlocks the potential of the lesser utilised air space by elevating the dimensions of connectivity with the help of our technology.

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